Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Delicious Chairs

Occasionally, I like to peruse antique websites for inspiration and today I came across the most fabulous antique fauteuils at Carl Moore Antiques in Houston, Texas. They’re Louis XV style from the 19th Century (c. 1890) and have the classic curves that became prominent during his reign. The beauty of the chairs are in the delicate curves and expert carvings, but the deliciousness comes from the amazing royal purple linen upholstery and time worn grey paint.

Louis XV Fauteuils_1

Louis XV Fauteuils_2

Louis XV Fauteuils_3

Louis XV Fauteuils_4

Louis XV Fauteuils_5

Louis XV Fauteuils_6 Photos: Carl Moore Antiques

Sold as a pair, they can be purchased from Carl Moore for $5,428.00. Of course, I’m not one to refuse a gift.

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