Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Wardrobe 2011


Before long, cold weather will be gone and sunshine will reign supreme, so one must be dressed appropriately, right?

Spring 2011I think I need more shorts . . .

I used to subscribe to GQ and Details, so I keep up with the trends, but generally, I stick to my preppy attire. I love polo's, cardigans, and khakis. I don’t like to be a walking billboard, so I tend to shop at places that don’t have logos everywhere. The vast majority of my clothing comes from the Gap, because as I mentioned before, I’m employed there. For modern items, I love Express. However, if I could afford it, I would probably buy all of my clothing from J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. I LOVE  almost anything Ralph Lauren – clothing, paint, furnishings; it’s the epitome of classic Americana.

If you notice the collage, I included 3 pairs of swim trunks/board shorts. Confession, I own a total of 2 pairs of swim trunks, and just one pair of khaki shorts. I can fit none of them as I’ve gotten a wee bit too skinny. I’ve never been much of a shorts guy in the first, but we’re going on a cruise in May. We’re in desperate need of a vacation and we’ll  be celebrating my sister’s college graduation. She’s getting a Bachelor of Nursing. I digress. More often than not, one will find me in dark denim, but I get the feeling that I won’t be loving my dark denim in Mexico. I have no idea as I’ve never been.

As most of my readership is made of women, I’d like to know if you all would like for me to post some Spring 2011 women’s must haves? Or my picks for kids? When I worked at Gap regularly, I primarily spent my time in the Kid & Baby departments. At one point, I oversaw the baby department. I totally heart babyGap!


  1. You'll have a great time in Mexico, but if I may suggest, get some shorts! We were there May and Sept 2010 and the weather is about the same ... 90 hot hot hot ... you're gonna love it! =)

  2. I would love to see some women Spring 2011 :). I'm sure your vacation will be lots of fun! You will have to share photos of you trip:) I can't wait to see the Spring for women. Hey Trell you should totally get a blinkie just a thought:)

  3. I too, would love to see some chic fashion- I have been ill for months and just starting to feel better and the fashions have completely changed!! I feel behind :)
    Thanks :)


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