Thursday, July 14, 2011

So, I made a video . . .


I made a really quick video to show you all were I craft. When we first moved in, it was actually my bedroom and the adjacent room had my computer in it. Well, my sister moved back in and I switched bedrooms. She moved back out earlier this year, and I made this my craft room. It’s been a long time coming.

In the first video I shot, I mentioned that my table is actually a hollow core door from Home Depot on some bookcases I got from Wal-Mart. The bookcases were like $15 and the door was around $23. I don’t remember exactly. It’s screwed to the bookcases with some L brackets. I already had the paint.

I apologize for my lack of volume. I’ve been told that I’m soft spoken and that I talk fast. If this becomes a regular thing (and it might, because I have something exciting to announce next week) I will work on that.

And, as a bonus, here is a card I made for a Jo-Ann demo a few weeks ago.



I made this on the fly, so I haven’t wrote the recipe in my notebook yet, but if you want to know, let me know. I used Floral’s Embellished. I was on the fence about it, so I decided to use the store’s and now I want it. The paper is mainly Co’ordinations. I think the orange is DCWV.

As usual, I welcome comments. And have a blessed day!


  1. I just love looking at craft rooms and I am sure you will have it just like you want it! Your card is beautiful!


  2. OMG!! Yay I'm excited that you did a video:) Your work table is a good size of space to work on and I can't wait to see the project you had on your desk & the Imagine projects to come!! In time you will have your craft room the way you want it:) . Great job on the video and LOVE your card will the colors:)

  3. really cute the space hope to see it finshed soon.i really would love to have a big space like your the way you came up with the table.too bad my space wont let me fit a table like yours i just love it.

  4. I think your cards a beautiful! You're room is off to a great start. You also mentioned that you want to invest in a few more items. I think you are doing a teriffic job. I have tons of stuff and sometimes have trouble creating.LOL Thanks for sharing.

  5. This card turned out so beautiful. TFS


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