Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last of My Easter Projects


I debated on whether or not to post these, but I figured that they would be here preserved for next year in case someone needed a little inspiration.

First up are two cards that I made. One of the things I think I’m going to do from this point on is make two cards at the same time, and just change something on one to make them a bit different. Since I’ve started making cards, I’ve given some of them away and that was before I wrote down the recipes for them. Yes, I write detailed notes for all of my cards in case I need to make a duplicate at a later date or in case someone asks for dimensions.



I have to say that I’m really loving the Papertrey Ink cardstock for my cards. They stand up now! And, I find that orange cardstock is kind of hard to find, so I totally recommend Papertrey’s Orange Zest and Stampin’ Up’s Pumpkin Pie. Moving on!


This is the second year that I’ve made Easter baskets for the kids in my family. I’m childless, and I’m not convinced my sister even wants kids, so for the foreseeable future, I’ll be making things for my little cousins. I made these jellybean bags for their Easter baskets. I had to work my Cricut into it some kind of way!



Lastly, here is a picture of one of the Easter baskets all finished! For the second year in a row, I’ve been getting the basket items from Target. They just seem to have the best deals and the cutest stuff. The two things that didn’t come from Target were the chocolate bunny and the coloring book. I LOVED that bunny. I was tempted to buy myself a gray one, but I’m 26 years old . . .

By the way, my mom and I went shopping for cruise clothes. Because I work in retail, I prefer trying things on. I do this for a few reasons; I’m a weird fit when it comes to bottoms, and I don’t like to return things because I don’t like customers that return things. Especially serial returners. Anyway, to make a long story short, yours truly now wears a BOYS size 20. My sister told me I look like an eleven year old with facial hair!

I hope everyone had an excellent Easter. Have a very blessed day!


  1. I love your jelly bean bags! I had visions of mine being something like that ... apparently I must have gone blind in the process and time took over! They are super cute! And I love that you do baskets for all the kids!!

    Making cards in multiples and changing a little bit is perfect! I've been trying to do that to build up my stash ... and I'm going to go to a craft fair in June so I need stock! LOVE all your beautiful projects!


  2. You just made my morning... Love you boo!!!!!:)


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